The Design for Services Masters Course is not running in 2014/15 – if you are looking for a masters course or design-led input to your organisation here are some great alternatives:

Leadership and Innovation MSc at the University of Dundee

The MSc Leadership and Innovation, taught by distance learning, focuses on innovation, collaboration, inter-professional practice, service design and leadership. It is an advanced programme of study for professionals, managers and leaders who wish to develop their leadership and innovation knowledge and skills. It sets out to critically examine the relationship between relevant theory, current service design and systems and the context for change and innovation.

Professor Mike Press, formerly of  Design for Services runs the Leadership & Design Thinking module on this programme.

Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island, Manchester

The MA in Digital Experience Design will give you the skills to design and develop innovative, elegant and useful experiences, products and services for people and businesses. You will explore areas of human-centred design, creativity and innovation, rigorous research, concept development and prototyping, project management, business acumen and how build and lead an effective team.

Lauren Currie, co-founder of Snook and graduate of our masters is Director of this programme.

Design Innovation and Service Design at Glasgow School of Art

Service Design is taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as a means of applying design processes to complex problems, usually combining artefacts, interactions and experiences through the design of services that exist, unfold and evolve in both space and time.

Professor Tom Inns, Director of Glasgow School of Art is a former tutor on Design for Services.

Open Change: make work better

Open Change is a partnership that supports and enables transformation by building capacity for change. The power to re-imagine how we work lies within the people who use, deliver and commission services. We work with government, health services and business to harness service providers and users skills and knowledge to develop more efficient, useful and desirable ways of working. We offer training packages and workshops using creative thinking and design methods to bring service users and providers into service change and development processes.

Hazel White, who led the Design for Services programme is Director of Open Change.


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