Seminar Friday 11th February: Dr Alicia Blum-Ross

Bespoke Project | Research Fellow |

10.00am -11.00am Design Ethnography Studio

Dr Alicia Blum-Ross will talk about her work and practices with the Digital World Research Centre. Kate Saunderson in Design Ethnography would like to invite the Master of Design students to join the Ethno students for a talk and seminar at 10.00am  with a  chance for general discussion afterwards.
She is part of the Bespoke project with Dr Jon Rogers, Digital Products, University of Dundee.

Alicia has submitted her DPhil in social anthropology at Oxford entitled: Cinema Citizens?  Young People, Filmmaking and Civic Engagement in London. This has involved, in her own words, an “in-depth ethnography of media production to examine discourses of ‘citizenship’ in youth filmmaking projects within the context of media representations of youth, UK-government youth policy and the political economy of funding”. She has also held various consulting, lecturing and facilitation roles with film-making organisations and events such as the British Film Institute, Oxford Academy of Documentary Film, Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival, The BFI London Film Festival, The Roundhouse, and FilmAid International.

via Kate Saunderson – thanks Kate.