what really makes a difference in designers?

I’m talking to our final year Product Design students tomorrow  about joining the Master of Design Programme in September 2011. Preparing for this reminded me about some great stuff Gill Wildman of Plot said about our Masters students last September: Gill listed the skills our students develop over and above ‘design skills’:

  • Creating their own networks of contacts within a short timeframe
  • Creating new processes, tools as well as projects
  • Developing persistence and resilience
  • Developing solid working relationships with the staff in project placements
  • Sharing their work with professionals and others in an open source way
  • Being comfortable with not defining themselves as a specific type of designer
  • Being sensitive to understanding that an engagement might need them to try out things, and re-calibrate their first thoughts.
  • Developing new skills in new areas outside of design
  • Learning to have patience with people and technology
  • Understanding the evolving nature of working together in groups and partnerships
  • Developing an appropriate process for the final project

You can read the full list here: bit.ly/9JabRl

One thought on “what really makes a difference in designers?

  1. this one is nice: need to print out one to stick on my screen 🙂

    Miss Gill and Nick from Plot a lot here at London, they were amazing!!!!


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