We are plotting a swaposium with graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design (CMU) in the USA next month to put the world to rights.

Masters students from Dundee and CMU will ping a question to the other group about what design is now and what can do in the world. It’s like a chain of questions and answers – a little like the game of consequences – but spanning the globe in 2 educational establishments. “It brings the students together in a whole new way says Nick Durrant”, current visiting professor of design at CMU’s: “we wanted to see how we could connect other schools we know well with CMU, and begin to create a wider exchange of ideas”.

It will be the first of a series of Swaposiums with more planned with some of the top design schools across the world. The swaposium has been developed by Gill Wildman current Niernberg Chair of Design  and Nick Durrant, visiting Professor of Design at CMU’s School of Design.

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