Design Council Opportunity

Interested in getting involved in a 4 month project for the Design Council between now and April? The request is coming from a small user-centered design and innovation company in Hampshire called Rodd via lenacorinna

They have been successful with a social innovation project sponsored by the design council and the TSB called ‘Independence Matters’. Their project called ‘meet to eat’ is a service that is intended to provide basic nutritional support to older adults. They have successfully identified the concept but now need to scope, design and pilot the service – using design research along the way to inform and document the social impact.

This is the info from Ben Davies, Managing Director at Rodd:

“We need some extra bandwidth to support the designer (who will run this on a 40% time commitment)  to ensure the project gets the resource it deserves. The person should be able to add value   during – user research, insight gathering, ideation, service development and designing the supporting visual/digital collateral/touch points. it would be full time for 4 months in Hamphire. Realistically we are looking for a person to join the team NOW until April. Know anyone?”

You can get in touch with him here:

Ben Davies
Managing Director Rodd
07970 958655
Tw: benatrodd