KISTproject underway

The KISTproject brings together design researchers from the University of Dundee with The Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) to co-design, develop and test a prototype of a system which enables access to the internet using simple hand held objects as ‘remote controls’. Many CHAS residents have conditions which cause their motor functions to diminish over time, making it increasingly difficult for them to use computers for socialising and entertainment, without assistance.

Craft workshops in March and May 2012 bring together children, parents and carers at CHAS to imagine and make toys and accessories which enable children to independently access their favourite websites.

The outcome of the this stage of the project is a prototype device which enables young people in CHAS to independently access online content using engaging co-designed toys and accessories.

The project is funded by the Scottish Funding Council through the Interface Innovation Voucher Scheme

The project has been co-developed by Hazel White, director of the Master of Design programme at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art (DJCAD), University of Dundee and Jo Hodge, PhD student at DJCAD.
CHAS have contributed time, expertise and enthusiasm through CEO Maria McGill and activities co-ordinator Alison Blair and the many CHAS staff and volunteers.
Paul MacKinnon from DJCAD has looked after the programming and technical development
Sara Nevay, Master of Design student at DJCAD is project managing.