Socially engaged design in Stobswell, Dundee

Please contact Fernando directly

Dear Hazel

Further our previous meeting, I am now writing to check if you can help me to identify students interested in join an initiative involving action research approach as part of the Observatory of Urban Inequalities in Stobswell, Dundee.

Initially, we are organising a workshop for students. The aim is to introduce (and discuss) the Observatory idea, invite them to be part of this, and set a series of workshops for interaction with local people to discuss ways and strategies to work together. Initially the activity will be voluntary, and will essentially involve the workshops. As soon as we get fund we will look at a way to cover selected student’s expenses and give them a kind of scholarship. Further information will be provided during the workshop.

I would ask you to put students in direct contact with me. I will provide further information and fix a chat with them prior the workshop. This moment, about 4 to 6 students from Arts is a good number. Some aspects we are looking for (preferably): commitment with social change; living (lived) in Stobswell area.

Stuart has confirmed date and local for our workshop. It will take place on 29th March at 13:30 (till 16:30) at Arthustone Library – Arthustone Terrace, DD4 6RT.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us with the workshop series. It would be fine having someone from School of Arts to bring a kind of Arts and social change perspective in this first activity. I wonder if you are able for this. It would be a 20 min output There will be someone from Social Work, CLD and Nursery doing the same.

I would appreciate if you forward this e-mail for who you think can help us.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes

Dr Fernando Fernandes
Research Fellow
University of Dundee
School of Education, Social Work and Community Education

Dundee DD1 4HN
Scotland UK