SEE HERE! Degree Show Fringe – Thursday 17th May 2-4pm

Come and join us to see and hear about current master of design projects and tell us how you think designers should be working with the people of Dundee.

The event links in with Totally Dundee: a series of events  showcasing activities in keeping with Dundee’s total place approach, involve multi-agency working, early intervention, innovation and/or examples of truly citizen-centred services. Master of Design Programme Director, Hazel White will talk about how masters students can connect with the work already being done in citizen-centred services in Dundee and students will showcase their masters projects in progress. These include:

  • developing activities with the users and committee of Baxter Park
  • work with St Mary’s Community Centre
  • development of co-design tools to enable participation
  • activities for long-stay hospital patients
  • jewellery to assist people with complex needs
  • improving the experience of international students
  • bringing home to us what our online profile really says about us

The Linking Thinking team will also be with us, on the lookout for new ideas to incorporate into their ideas jam on Friday 25th May.

We’d love to to join us. You can find us here