Opportunity to visualise for innovation company 100% Open on 17th and 18th September

This is an excellent opportunity to get some hands on experience in a large workshop run by a national agency. Great CV material:

‘Workforce of the Future’: Service Design Visualisers Brief

100% Open – An introduction

100%Open is a specialist open innovation agency that excels in helping organisations such as E.ON, Procter & Gamble, Orange and Cancer Research UK create real and tangible value by innovating with others.

David Simoes-Brown co-founded 100% Open, coming from NESTA where he led the Corporate Open Innovation program. David is a reformed ad-man and, as former Director of Foresight at Seymourpowell, has a solid background in helping clients to innovate.

Workforce of the Future – Project aim

100% Open is working with the SSSC (Scottish Social Services Council) and IRISS (The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services) to develop a handful of pilot projects that increase workforce capability in the future. The aim of this challenge is to produce practical and pioneering new ideas that can help achieve high quality social services in Scotland.


Four ‘interesting questions’ have been posted on our crowdsourcing site 100open.ideascale.com for our community to respond to by way of submitting ideas. The most popular ideas are to be reviewed by a panel of judges and a short-list will go through to a two-day innovation workshop.

Workshop Objective

The workshop objective will be to choose and work up the best and most practical ideas from the Ideascale platform. During the two days teams will be made up of members from a variety of backgrounds. They will be tasked with working collaboratively to develop and prototype these ideas. You can join the online community here to find out more about the project and process.

Workshop Techniques

During the workshop we introduce the teams to a variety of materials and techniques to help them develop their ideas. We encourage them to be as visual as possible and support them in conceiving user journeys, producing storyboards and detailing service prototypes. 

What we need your help with

We consistently find that during workshops such as these people can be reluctant to get visual. As a result the teams often lose sight of a good idea. Your task will be to use your design-nous and sketching ability to help the teams capture their ideas as they develop them in a visual manner. In past workshops techniques such as role-play, service blueprinting and the ‘digital faking’ of sketched websites and smart phone apps have proved very successful.

We also encourage you to ask questions of each idea – sometimes it is only possible to see something others have missed when you are on the outside looking in. Ask questions, challenge assumptions and look for clarity. It will all help the idea be as strong as it can be.

We are seeking service design visualisers to take part in an innovation camp at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh on 17 and 18 September  2012 to work with the 100 people who have submitted and been involved in our ideas platform https://100open.ideascale.com/  At the camp we want to develop 5-8 of these ideas that we can pilot and prototype.  There will be a further event in December where we will ask organisations and local authorities to adopt an idea.  In 2013 we will evaluate the pilots.

We are looking for around 10 visualisers  with service design knowledge and the ability to sketch user journeys etc. to work with  facilitators  to help groups develop their thinking and ideas using a range of service design techniques.  They would be fully briefed and supported throughout the two days – there will be facilitators at the event.  All expenses will be paid and accommodation and meals provided.  

Contact Hazel White:  h.white at dundee.ac.uk if you’d be interested in being a visualiser on the 17th and 18th September.

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  1. Hi Hazel, definitely would like to be part of this! Though I may not be able to do 18th due to committments with my part time job. Can we sign up for individual days or is it is ‘package deal’?! If the latter, I can rearrange shifts with work. Thanks, Sara

  2. Hi Hazel, I would definitely like to be a part of this event! Though I may not be able to do the 18th due to prior commitments with my part time job. Can we do individual days or is it the case that we a sign up we are doing so for both? If that latter, I will rearrange with work. Thanks a lot, Sara.

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