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In a follow up to my post last week with feedback from the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) on our graduates contribution to Workforce of the Future – here is more fantastic feedback from Lucy Gower and David Simoes-Brown of Innovation Company 100% Open. I’ve edited it down, as we’re in Scotland and too much praise makes everyone anxious.


The team were: Jon Gill, Ming Ge, Steph Fulke, Sara Nevay, Angela Tulloch, Becca Lindsay Fiona McGowan Gabriella Inchamura and Jamie Thoms.

We thought the graduates were brilliant and made a big impact on the workshop. More specifically: 

– t’s hard to see how the final presentations would have gone without their input (and participation). The creative techniques adopted for the pitches were in no small part down to them. Many of them answered some tough questions from the panel – and did it extremely well.

– They didn’t just ask the right questions to enable them to visualise the ideas, but asked the right questions to really sense check what the teams were proposing and really helped the groups bring their ideas to life – the outputs and conversations would not have been so rich without their input. 

– Their understanding of service design enabled the teams to quickly get a handle on what was needed for the persona and storyboards and why we were asking teams to do such things. 

– The designers seem to seamlessly fit in with groups they joined, as if each of them was just another delegate with a slightly different skill set. 

– They understood what level the ideas needed to be developed to and how to make an idea real.

– They came across very professional and I would have guessed they all had lots of experience of working in this kind of environment. (they had some…)

– They didn’t seem to be led by the design tools – rather the used them as tools.

The @designdundee graduates really helped facilitate and embedded themselves easily in groups too which were added bonuses.  The quality of the outputs from logos to storyboards was excellent,  Wish we could give them all jobs!

You can read a personal  reflection on the event on Jon Gill’s playful communications blog and see the official outcomes here

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