MDS Update 02.10.12 9.30 MDS studio and on Skype

This is the first of a our regular update meetings. This is where we meet informally to catch up on what is happening. It happens in the studio, on Skype and on the blog. It is a time to ask questions, share information, and plan ahead. We have them once a fortnight.
I’ll kick off the first one, then you can take turn to host. They typically last 15 -45 minutes unless there is something to plan.

I like to post notes in advance (but in this case, not very far in advance). Skype in via one of your classmates if you can’t be there in person or follow the updated comments.


Praise Feedback on class of 2012 work  with SSSC and 100% Open

Graduates working with CHAS on Dragon’s Den

Our ever growing family Masters Mixer 5.0 is on Friday 26th October 2012 to co-incide with the end of the masterclass week for Fraser’s People and Design module – potluck lunch, talks and networking Masters Mixer 5.0

Redesigning Public Services Enquiry – can you add evidence? Alison from NHS experience, Natalia from studying on Erasmus, Karen from Dundee City Council, Claire from Maggie Centre, Reem from Bahraini Govt/Education perspective and lots more…. follow the link here.


Luminate Festival We are being given a few places to see this short film on Thursday 4th October at 14.30 at the Hannah MacLure Centre at Abertay University, Dundee.

Health and Wellbeing through Literature, Film & Theatre by Lisa Nicoll

Thursday 4th October at 5pm – Film presentation and discussion
Lecture Theatre 2, Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee. Wasteland is a short film written & directed by Lisa Nicoll. It is based on research carried out with teenagers in the Coatbridge Locality. Over a series of 7 weeks Lisa gained stories about what it is like to live in the area as a teenager, she then brought all the stories together and wrote the short drama script Wasteland. More details on the Social Dimensions of Health Institute (SDHI) site.

SNOOK – waiting for Andy to get back

Master of Design  for Services roles: The Law of the Few – Malcom Gladwell reckons in the Tipping Point that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the participants. But we would expect a different sort of dynamic from students of design for services. Are we right? What do you think is important in group roles? Social network leader, studio manager, events leader – or is it a self-organising hive?


Semester dates and module dates

Semester 1 and 2 dates – check with P/T students re. Strategic Design Thinking – could it start on 19.11.12? Semester 2 starts Monday 14.1.13


There is some great research and thinking going on in the Design Research  module. In case you haven’t set this up already – a #servicedesign and#SDN ‘search’ on your twitter client (I use tweetdeck on my computer) brings up a huge amount of current research and opportunities.

I’ve requested Touchpoint  as an electronic journal for the library – sadly it isn’t available for libraries (#servicedesignfail). The hard copy is of course available, but if you want it electronically, you can get it (for a price) from Amazon. Put it on your wish list for Christmas.

I wouldn’t ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself…so I’ve written two papers recently: Crafting Caring Communication and What Do Tomorrow’s Service Designers Need to Know? They are available here same password as I gave you in the lecture. You can cite them as per the guidelines in the link – but please do not reproduce them in full or upload them in full, as I won’t be able to publish them if they are put in the public domain.

Crafting Caring Communication : a case study on the value of collaborative making in a care context discusses the role of collaborative making in the KISTproject with the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) – and is written with Sara Nevay (M.Des 2012) Jo Hodge (M.Des 2009) and current PhD student, Mike Press and Paul MacKinnon- the final version with images was uploaded today.

What Do Tomorrow’s Service Designers Need to Know?  is a  a paper by Stefan Holmlid, Linköping University and I discussing a workshop I we ran in Helsinki earlier this year with Elena Pacenti, Domus Academy, Milano, and Birgit Mager Köln International School of Design. In the paper Stefan and I explore the landscape of service design education both in relation to the insights we gained from the workshop and from the literature.