Introducing RIP + MIX to DJCAD jewellers

We developed  the RIP + MIX method for Deutsche Telekom’s T-Labs a couple of years ago and have used it very successfully with both designers and non-designers to think creatively about solving problems and developing new products and services.

Ideas today included a fixperts style service that connected jewellers and older people to mend jewellery, share memories and build connections, a ‘business class’ studio set- up with well-designed space saving storage (and a glass of champagne on arrival), an online peer mentoring service to help build confidence amongst emerging designers and a ‘decompression zone’ where students could go to de-stress, snooze and re-energise.

Lauren Currie of SNOOK and Kate Pickering of Vanilla Ink were part of  the team that helped develop RIP + MIX when they were Masters students @DesignDundee.

Thanks to Karen Lyttle for helping facilitate.