Visualising the Journey

Day 3 of our Strategic Information Design masterclasses with visual facilitator Christine Kingsley @kingslistening : using visual mapping to clarify and share understanding of the client brief and where to go next

  1. Visual meetings: “How graphics, sticky notes and idea mapping can transform group productivity”… #SIDx
  2. The three and a half hour workshop started with an introduction to Visual Meetings, with organisational consultant and information designer, David Sibbet’s TED talk.
  3. My quick visual notes of a TED talk instead of writing with @kingslistening @DesignDundee #SIDx #needtogetfa
  4. The outcome of the session was a shared understanding of the client brief – building on the work we did with Abhay Adhikari @gopaldass yesterday.

  5. 20 people. 1 sheet of paper. Many ideas…Using visualisation as a way to clarify group strategy. #SIDx
  6. From this we were able to devlop questions for the client meeting on Friday, which will further clarify bothe the clients’ and our own objectives.
  7. Mapping out expectations for client meeting. Great stuff for #SIDx with @kingslistening
  8. All for groups working on the same brief unite to brainstorm #SIDx @ Matthew building, University of Dundee
  9. absolutely loving getting the pen to paper with lots of visualisation and doodling today with @kingslistening #SIDx
  10. Visualizing situations @kingslistening @designdundee #SIDx
  11. Laughing and Dirty sketching different circumstances in 5 minutes #SIDx @kingslistening