Vanilla Ink reaches kickstarter target 6 days ahead of time

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 18.49.49Kate Pickering graduated from our Master of Design Programme in 2009.  Kate now runs  Vanilla Ink which offers “a friendly, collaborative and an affordable studio environment, expert one to one mentoring, tailored business advice and support” to jewellers setting out on their careers. Last month Kate launched Vanilla Ink on Kickstarter to raise funds for this year’s Vanilla Inkers to take part in a National Trade Fair. Kate says she “came to the Master of Design Programme as a  jeweller, and left as a designer”. During her year of masters study with us in Dundee Kate worked with a team of staff and postgraduate students to develop RIP + MIX, a design method for T-Labs Deutsche Telekom, Berlin.  The team also included Lauren Currie, co-founder  of Snook.