Creative Accounting


Developing Creativity with Public Finance Professionals

Hazel and the Design for Services students recently designed and facilitated Developing Creativity, a workshop for 140 participants at the Chartered Institute for Public Finance Accountancy (CIPFA) annual conference. In the workshop, participants identified key ‘pain points’ in their working systems and generated ideas ranging from innovative ways of allocating budgets to a more people-centred appraisal systems.

Feedback included:

Hazel has a wonderful ability to introduce new ideas and ways of thinking to people in an incredibly open and engaging way. Her knowledge and skills are fused with a positive energy, and she creates unique spaces where people can learn and develop themselves. I have never seen anyone so expertly handle a room full of 140 highly rational public accountants, convincing them that there is a creative path for them. The students from the Design for Services programme were confident and knowledgeable  supporting the participants to think laterally and develop innovative ideas in a very short space of time. Brilliant!

Elaine Lawther, Leadership Consultant and Head of Finance Training and Support Unit, NHS Scotland