Food: Design for the Senses – guest lecture – Aleánna Luethi-Garrecht

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 16.40.16Monday 22nd April 10.00am. Lecture Theatre 5014 Matthew Building DJCAD.

The importance of food, its application and use are paramount to the human condition. Besides the sense delights as fragrance, taste, texture and scent- products in the store isle, must be designed, marketed, arrayed, competed amongst, shaped and sold to an increasingly varied and hard won clientele and consumer.

Within the production, manufacture and dissemination often lie the characteristics of popular items and dining fashions.

As production techniques change, so do the culture that products display and with this rapid transaction the trends each generation names its own culture.

Aleánna Luethi-Garrecht has over twenty years of professional experience as a practicing designer, primarily in the areas of packaging, letterform and logo design. Her inter- national corporate and noncorporate work has included such clients as: Sunkist Growers, F. Hoffman-La Roche, Nestle, Wispride, Pro Helvetia, Swatch, Co-op Supermar- kets Inc., Basel Museum of Antiquities, Cardinal Beer Inc., Swiss Milk Producers, Pillsbury, Allgemeine Gewerbe- schule Basel, Purina, Mars Company, and Consolidated Foods. She established her own design practice in Basel, Switzerland in 1987. Her work has been published both in the US and Switzerland for Letter Arts Review, Discover Magzine, Design Review, and Swiss trade magazines, with graphics that have achieved long-term success on the consumer market.

Her education has spanned two continents, receiving
her Master’s aequus from the Basel School of Design, Switzerland, a Bridge Programme certificate from Yale/ Brissago, Switzerland, a BFA from Philadelphia College of Art, and a certified chef’s OS Culinary Arts degree from the Culinary Institute of America.

Aleánna has more than twenty years as a professional designer and educator, working full time at the Basel School of Design, Art Center Europe, and St. Gallen School of Design in Switzerland, where she taught in the Foundation, Typography, Continuing Education, Swiss- Undergraduate, and International Graduate departments. Recently in the US, she has taught at the University of the Arts with an invitation as Master Lecturer. Since joining the faculty of the SUNY Graphic Design Department in 2006, Aleánna has taught courses in Graphic Design Basics, Visible Systems, Typography, Visual Language, and Printed Books. Her pedagogical and didactical direc- tion encompasses a broad understanding and infusion of the five human senses. Her research interests lie in the themes of packaging, type and image, corporate identity, and food & design.