Great Reads

Rosenfeld Media have published three super-relevant books in as many months.

Designing for Care: Peter Jones

In Designing for Care, Peter envisions the information experiences of consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals as a continuous and complex social system, shared by all and innovated by many. We are all participants co-creating better health care for all members of our society

Thanks to Sam Ladner of Microsoft Redmond for pointing us to this one.



Service Design: From Insight to Implementation: Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie & Ben Reason
This, the latest publication on Service Design offers:

A clear explanation of what service design is and what makes it different from other ways of thinking about design, marketing and business.
Service design insights, methods and case studies to help you move up the project food chain and have a bigger design impact on the entire service ecosystem.
Practical advice to help you sell the value of service thinking within your organisation and to clients.
Ways to help you develop business, design, environmental and social innovation through service design.

Great to neet Andy in April on the Service Design panel at the European Academy of Design – we need to get him over to talk in Dundee.



Steve Portigal’s Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights.

Steve Portigal uses stories and examples from his 15 years of experience to show how interviewing can be incorporated into the design process, helping you learn the best and right information to inform and inspire your design.

Steve did a superb transatlantic talk last year for Dundee masters, invited by Cat Macauley and his tweets @steveportigal are a source of joy.

There’s more great stuff to read here