Future Designs for Wellbeing Symposium and Workshop

SDHI and the Geddes Institute for Urban Research are pleased to announce ‘CARE SPACE: Future Designs for Wellbeing’ – a symposium and workshop on the 27th June at the University of Dundee. The purpose of the event is to explore care and caring urban environments from multiple, disciplinary perspectives and to translate innovative, inter-and transdisciplinary thinking into new research ideas.

 More Information here

Webinar: ‘Measuring outcomes in community-based stroke rehabilitation’

The webinar entitled ‘Measuring outcomes in community-based stroke rehabilitation: enhancing inclusion and participation’, led by Dr Helen Moore, Social Dimensions of Health Institute, Universities of Dundee and St Andrews, will be held on Wednesday 17th July at 3pm (BST). This webinar is free and if you would like to join then please contact Fred Comerford (fac1 @st-andrews.ac.uk) or Rosanne Bell (r.c.bell @dundee.ac.uk)