Scottish Public Service Expo

Mike Press and I were at the One Public Sector Expo in Edinburgh today, running a workshop on Design Thinking for Public Sector Innovation. We introduced the RIP+MIX method, enabling around 40 participants from the Scottish Government, the NHS, business and the voluntary sector to think creatively about the ‘pain points’ in their roles.


In a keynote talk Professor Jason Leitch, Clinical Director, The Quality Unit, Scottish Government (and Honorary Professor here at Dundee) told powerful stories about supporting chaotic families towards stability by co-locating services to dovetail  foster care, drug rehabilitation and early years care.

John Swinney, Finance Minister in the Scottish Government said that the public sector shouldn’t wait for permission to innovate, they should just get on with it…

Joel Bailey, Service Design Manager of Capita ran a masterclass on Large Scale Transformation through User-Centred Service Design – my notes and takeaways are illustrated below.


Mike and I will be contributing to a new programme on Leadership and Innovation, led by Jon Bolton in  the University of Dundee’s School of Social Work, Education and Community Education. You can find out more about this programme by contacting