We’re Jammin’ (Day Three)

Great sum up of the Global Service Jam from Dundee Jammer Susie McGowan

Susie McGowan


The Oscars got nothing on us! The Oscars got nothing on us!

My Sunday began with a nutritious breakfast of leftover pizza, apple pie and a few spoonfuls of Nutella. Popeye style, I was re-energised for the final day of the Dundee Global Service Jam.

This morning we finalised our concept – a global ‘hide and seek’ game facilitated by an application for your smartphone. Next we worked on creating a prototype to illustrate how our service would work. I was finally in my graphic design element, and designed three screens for the ‘You’re It!’ app. The GSJam encourage us not to be too precious when creating prototypes, so I spent just half an hour pulling together the visuals on Indesign. A simple colour scheme and a consistent design style allowed me to create it very quickly, but I still think it looks pretty swish! I sent the images to my group and they were…

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