Business Insider: Rising Stars

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Masters alumni Lauren Currie and Snook co-founder Sarah Drummond  tipped as rising stars of Scottish Business, Lauren and Sarah Drummond both contribute to research and teaching in Design for Services at the University of Dundee.

Lauren Currie and Sarah Drummond,  co-founders, Snook.

Currie and Drummond are on a mission to improve how services are designed and delivered in Scotland and set up Snook to achieve that in 2009. Both have a background in design – Drummond has a masters in design innovation and Currie has a masters in design with distinction – and have applied their skills to make changes to both public and private sector organisations. They now have a team of fourteen and a portfolio of projects designing solutions to challenges faced by groups from police forces to social workers. An example of their work was a project for the national accreditation and awarding body the Scottish Qualifications Authority where they redesigned the process to improve the quality of the experience for clients applying for approval to offer SQA qualifications. Their other customers include the British Council, The Scottish Government, National Health Service Scotland, Stirling Council, and STV Group. They want to play a pivotal role in creating a Scotland that is full of people who are inspired, engaged and able to use design and digital to solve problems that matter to them.
Skill you’d like to master (Currie): “I’m a big believer in lifelong learning – right now I am learning about mindfulness and practising journalling and meditation.” 

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