How to get a job in Service Design



Lauren Currie, Co-founder of Glasgow based service design outfit Snook, and graduate of our masters, has written a great blog post distilling the advice that she gave to our masters students recently. Lauren polled the Snook team about what they thought were key skills and qualities of their most successful staff.

Some key attributes include:

Adaptability and flexibility:
Honesty about what you CAN’T do as well as what you CAN do:
Organisational skills
Sense of fun 
Commitment and passion for the bigger picture of the company’s mission
Persistence and determination 
Confidence and self-assurance
A sense of purpose/cause 

Lauren also discusses in her blog post how Snook recognise these in an application and  interview, desirable technical and soft skills and the top 5 turnoffs.

Read her full post here.

We are grateful to Lauren for her time and insights and also to Sarah Ronald, Director of Nile and Richard Hewitt, Co-Director of Taylor Haig who also shared invaluable insights on what their companies look for in new hires.