María Ruiz de Olano Fernández: MINIWORLD

An online platform to create communities for former users of arts and creativity based organisations


This project is an initial step in the search of a solution for the challenge of how to follow up on former users of arts organisations. It will help measure the impact of the organisations’ work in the long term and also provide evidence of long term impact.

The research has been carried out with  organisations that aim to improve people’s lives through arts and creative activities, however the result is thought to be applicable to a wider range of organisations.

A Service Design approach was taken to complete the research with a number of arts organisations in Scotland. The initial ideas were prototyped and  tested with potential users.  This research is not a finished and polished solution, rather it is a starting point for the further development of a solution based in the creation of an online community through the use of a bespoke private platform. Read the full report.