Let’s Do Lunch: Hao Wu

According to research, having a hurried lunch at your computer is not good for productivity or wellbeing. Making lunch a social activity reduces stress levels and could increase productivity. My project has explored the barriers to taking a proper lunch break and uncovered one reason why people do not go out for lunch is that they cannot find the right person to eat lunch with. I have suggested a ‘matching system’ where people can be alerted to people with similar interests who are available to ‘do lunch’

I have used a range of research techniques including literature reviews, interviews, workshops with key stakeholders and bodystorming and prototyping.

Hao Wu is an international exchange student from Shanghai Jiaotong University. He will return to Jiatong in September to complete his studies.

Email: jdwuhao3@yahoo.com.cn

Web: jdwuhao.wordpress.com

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