my neighbour, my friend

According to (“Love thy,”2012),”Britain is becoming an unneighbourly nation with many of us no longer knowing anything about those living next door”1.The decline of neighbouring continues to swear and boom. Research by Alessandra and Paul(2006) says:”Creating spaces for interaction and dialogue can encourage neighbourliness”2. ‘My neighbor, my friend’ looks at how landscape design can help improve the relationship between local neighbourhoods. With a focus on a real life green space regeneration project in St. Mary, Dundee, I worked closely with local residents, fully engaging them in the design process to improve the outside green space of St. Mary’s Community Facility. This aim was to develop it to be an attractive community public place that can help improve neighbourhood relationship and build stronger community through providing more opportunity for people to get-together and interact with each other.

Reference List: 1. Daily Mail Reporter. (2012, April 8). Love thy neighbour? We don’t even know their names… Survey finds we’re not as friendly as we used to be with those next door. Mail Online. Retrieved from 2. Buonfino, A., & Hilder, P. (2006). Neighbouring in contemporary Britain. York:Joseph Rowntree Foundation.


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