ReTent: Linsey McIntosh

Witnessing a sea of abandoned tents after a music festival spurred me into investigating how we can encourage the reuse of tents. Thousands of cheap tents are tossed into landfill annually. My research suggested the problem lies with the lack of connection between the festival-goer and their temporary home.
I developed ReTent, a system where tents are stamped with a badge of attendance, so the tent becomes a visual representation of festivals visited – rather like a passport, giving the campers an incentive to reuse their tents. Coupled with the use of social media sites which prompted festival-goers to share their most impressive tent reuse photographs – this demonstrated that ReTent is a fun contribution to eliminating the ‘single-use’ festival attitude.
I’d like to acknowledge the support of Loud Sound Events who allowed me to trial ReTent at RockNess music festival, and also the assistance of my ReTent team for the duration of the event.
Linsey also acted as the co-ordinator for the Forensic Jewellery Classification System project, and developed and delivered courses on construction and materials to Interior and Environmental Design students as part of a teaching module. Linsey herself is a graduate of DJCAD’s Interior and Environmental Design course at the University of Dundee, and has over five years industry experience working as interior designer within an architecture practice.
Linsey advises on the issue of abandoned tents to the Eco Action Partnership and is part of a lobby group to encourage retailers to sell tents responsibly. She intends to launch ReTent as a service that can be used by festival organisers across the UK.



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