socialCRAFT: Lisa Murphy

socialCRAFT explores and promotes the social and cultural role of craft as a community engagement and development strategy. The project enhances the awareness of the benefits of the making process; allowing communities to make, create, converse and connect with one another.


The concept of craft is being reinvigorated to allow the public to embrace the idea of concept of social craft; widening and politicising the idea of making as a cultural activity. The socialCRAFT audience participation toolkit empowers communities through skilled making processes.

During the year, I worked as project assistant for the Forensic Jewellery Identification System project, for police use.

I’d like to acknowledge the support given by Whitfield Community Centre Manager, Jim Dunlop and the Whitfield craft group, Emma Walker, Director of Craft Scotland and Maggie Broadley from Craft Town Scotland.

Lisa has a first class honours degree in Jewellery and Metalwork Design from DJCAD, University of Dundee. Lisa intends to develop socialCraft for implementation throughout Scotland.

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