stoma jewellery

Project stoma jewellery is an exploration into making jewellery for people who have a stoma following surgery to the larynx. A stoma is an opening, either natural or surgically created, which connects a portion of the body cavity to the outside environment. Everything can be dangerous like dust, water and infection in their routine. So the stoma is protected by medical equipment such as H.M.E (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) H.M.E is an essential device that can help people protect their stoma. They switch speaking and breathing by pressing the H.M.E. button. However when they go out, others might focus on the H.M.E.. A big plastic button positioned at the base of their throat. By designing convenient and beautiful jewellery that can be combined with H.M.E., I want to help them protect their stoma and feel free from other’s eye in a negative way. Stoma jewellery is made of silver wire that can combine with H.M.E and it’s strong but light and easy to press to switch between breathing and speaking.


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