TalKITive is series of interactive communication tools that support and encourage conversations between service providers and families. This collaborative project was undertaken in conjunction with Taylor Haig Foundation, a service consultancy and Angela Tulloch, a Master of Design colleague. The TalKITive project considers boundaries that span through society and reasons for these social divides. Tapping into human behaviour and methods of storytelling, TalKITive aims to encourage a customer centric approach towards service provision. Inspired by Totally Dundee, a regeneration initiative within the city, TalKITive’s goal is to actively engage with families in the Lochee ward, highlighting gaps and overlaps within service provisions that families encounter. Rebecca also worked collaboratively on a project for the NHS Dental Health Services Research Unit, creating a toolkit to facilitate conversations between Dental Health Workers and Parents who are not engaged with the current service. Chatterbox allows parents to build a picture of their daily activities, recognise problems and helps them develop solutions.



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