Transitional Spaces: Colin Mackenzie

Transitional Spaces in Town Centres  is  an investigation into how we use and engage with urban spaces in towns.  Design methods and techniques aim to investigate and record town centre environments through drawings and visualisations and develop a co-design consultative think tank, entitled the  ‘URBAN BANK’. Producing new creative proposals for high streets and adjacent spaces aims to develop a new useable urbanism for all.

References and case study exemplars into current thinking on Urban Design have been applied during project development. Kirkcaldy, in Fife, is the current case study focus for the Masters Design research project.Current stakeholders who have invested their time and thinking to date include: Fife Council Planning, Kirkcaldy4 All, Kirkcaldy Civic Society,  Greener Kirkcaldy, Property Developers and agents, Design students at Adam Smith College and the general public. Colin is a part-time student.  He is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and is currently a full-time design lecturer and curriculum head at Adam Smith College, Kirkcaldy. He is a three dimensional designer specializing in Interior and Furniture Design, with a specific interest in urban design.

The reason for studying at masters level was to update his design thinking and to develop new co-design approaches to his practice and to enhance his teaching and research skills.



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