social innovation

The world of service provision for children and families in Lochee, Menzieshill and Charleston is complex and messy. Currently, young families have to navigate a multitude of services and sources of information, much of which is developed with providers, not users, in mind. It is not always clear who does what, why, when or for whom.


Makespace is a service design tool, which utilises unused retail properties to provide a space for gathering insights and creative expression of ideas about community. The aim is to strengthen ties between communities, individuals and agencies to refine and achieve mutual goals. More


socialCRAFT explores and promotes the social and cultural role of craft as a community engagement and development strategy. The project enhances the awareness of the benefits of the making process; allowing communities to make, create, converse and connect with one another. More



Open spaces in cities provide us with picnic sites, shortcuts and dog walking ground; hideaways, kite flying, and breathing space – but how do local authorities evaluate the true value of these spaces?  More.



TalKITive is series of interactive communication tools that support and encourage conversations between service providers and families. This collaborative project was undertaken in conjunction with Taylor Haig Foundation, a service consultancy and Angela Tulloch, a Master of Design colleague.



My Neighbour, My Friend
Britain is becoming an unneighbourly nation with many of us no longer knowing anything about those living next door. This project looks at how landscape design can help improve the relationship between local neighbourhoods. With a focus on a real life green space regeneration project in St. Marys, Dundee. More



Transitional Spaces in Town Centres  is  an investigation into how we use and engage with urban spaces in towns.  Design methods and techniques aim to investigate and record town centre environments through drawings and visualisations and develop a co-design consultative think tank, entitled the  ‘URBAN BANK’. Producing new creative proposals for high streets and adjacent spaces aims to develop a new useable urbanism for all.




Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 14.57.32

Inclusive Spaces
This project aims to create an inclusive and attractive outdoor space through focusing on the visitors’ requirements and creating a green environment in the centre of a city.



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