Witnessing a sea of abandoned tents after a music festival spurred Linsey McIntosh into investigating how we can encourage the reuse of tents. Thousands of cheap tents are tossed into landfill annually. Research suggested the problem lies with the lack of connection between the festival-goer and their temporary home. More

User-friendly Airport ID

Airports are important and serious places. But, sometimes because of various reasons it might make people feel stressful or confused. Ming Ge’s project looks at international students whose first travel experience is to go abroad to study on their own. The aim of this project was to find out what kind of experience the students have when they go through airport systems and introduce a positive experience. E-PASS is a prototype of the outcome. More

Persona Generator

Persona generator is an online service that supports the communication and interaction between health experts, people with specific medical conditions, carers and designers. As well as using unutilised pre-existing information the service gathers experiences, issues and strategies developed by the target groups.
Forensic Jewellery Identification System. Ruth Watson worked as part of a team in collaboration with the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID) at the University of Dundee to create a Forensic Jewellery Classification System. The research looks at how identification of victims in international disasters could be assisted by the jewellery they were wearing.

UntitledForensic Jewellery Identification System. Through collaboration with the University’s Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID), Maria worked alongside noted professionals to design a Forensic Jewellery Classification System for International Police use. The research aims to assist in the faster identification of victims of international mass-disasters through identifying the jewellery they were wearing. The system helps ‘match’ ante-mortem and post-mortem descriptions of jewellery to help confirm identity. More

How can a designer create an interdisciplinary design object? ‘Unpacking Interdisciplinary Design’ attempts to demonstrate the difference in approach between two design disciplines. More

Untangling Clinical Environments

This project came about through a casual conversation with a physiologist complaining about tangled cables and wires of an electro-cardiogram and pacemaker check machines in a hospital cardiology department. More

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