update meeting 07.03.13

Global Service Jam feedback

Blogs – brain metaphor  + subscribe button 

Zoe’s  is this week’s recommended read for thoroughness and Tereza’s is recommended for visually recording information Tereza recommends the  camscanner app for getting fasr cleaned up visuals.

An example from Tereza of a clear post using text and visuals

Example from Zoe of how to connect what you read to your project.

Ethics forms: All students who have started their masters project must complete these forms by 18th March and hand in a hard copy to the postgraduate office by 09.15 am. Jeanette Paul (Head of PG studies) and I will sign them after this date. Forms are on MDP blog

City of Culture Event Monday 11th at 08.45 am Dundee Partnership –  City of Culture Event Timetable

Karen Lyttle
Nelly Trakidou
Sarah Mettleton  you will be Showing video from Tom’s module – which would be most appropriate and who wants to do intro?

Rip + Mix – short workshop Monday 11th at 14.30 for helpers at CIPFA conference next Thursday

Milestone, timelines and deliverables

/Facebook If your project was looking at social networking as a tool for new businesses startups and you had the opportunity to interview  Mark Zuckerburg – you would find out as much as you could about Facebook, it’s net worth, when it was founded, you’d watch ‘the social  network’ and you’d think very carefully what he could tell you that you couldn’t find out anywhere else – like where he sees the future of social networking, ask for advice on your plans to connect it to business startups etc.. You wouldn’t ask him how to set up your facebook page – because you could ask practically anyone  under 70 how to do that.  This is the difference between a prepared and engaged masters student and well, the opposite.

Global Service Jam/Friends Reunited tale

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